Welcome to Healthy Fresh Cook, this healthy cooking website was started in 2012 by Pranavi.  You can find healthy and easy to cook vegetarian & vegan recipes in this site.

About Pranavi:
I am Pranavi the author and photographer behind Healthy Fresh Cook. I was born in Jaffna, one of the most cultural city of Sri Lanka. My mom is an excellent cook, but as a  pampered child I never helped my mom in cooking. Even after my marriage I didn't cook for few months, since I was with another cooking expert, who was my mother-in-law. I didn't even had the opportunity to help her in small small things like cutting vegetable. 

I was zero in cooking when we moved to Australia. We didn't like to eat unhealthy takeaway foods and also it was hard to find good vegetarian foods. So I was left with no other option other than start learning cooking. Then I started obtaining recipes from my mom over the phone and slowly began learning the art of cooking. Most of my moms recipes are from Jaffna cuisine.  Then I was experimenting different cuisines and really enjoyed cooking. At later stages I went to modify those recipes to fit into my family members taste,  so I always record modified recipes for future reference. At one stage I realized that I should share these with others and found this is the best way and I started this site.

I always concerned about the health of my family so I always prefer to cook from scratch and fresh ingredients.  That is the main reason behind the name of this blog :). I love spicy foods. Your taste may differ, so feel free to alter the recipes to suit your own taste! 

I am working full time, so I will write blog posts whenever I find free time during my busy schedule :) . Most of the recipes I follow are very simple (won't take much time), but if a food attracts me a lot, then I won't mind spending some more time in cooking those dishes, especially during weekends. 

Other than cooking, I spend time in admiring nature, while listening my favorite music. I am also interested in travelling and photography. Travelling around the world would be my biggest ambition :). I used to take photographs of my creations and nature. I am not an expert in photography and I don't have much time to edit photos, but still I would like to share some of my photographs with you all. 

I love to hear your feedback, ideas, and suggestions about my recipes, photographs and webdesign. Feel free to share those with me. 

Contact info:
Keep in touch with me in Facebook , Twitter or  You can write me through  pranavi (at) healthyfreshcook (dot) com too