Today I would like to share a traditional Indian food with you all. If you know "Upma", you may wonder why I am calling it as "Vegetable Upma". I have made some modification to traditional upma recipe by adding some more vegetables to it,  so I call it as "Vegetable Upma" :)

The amount of water required to make upma is highly depending on the following facts,
amount of vegetables added
types of vegetables added
type of rava and so on....
Even though in this recipe I have included the amount of water needed, use this as a guidance only. My family memebers like fluffy (dry) upma. If you like gooey upma then add more water.

For me the most time consuming part in preparing "Upma" is roasting the semolina (rava/sooji). So, I used to roast large amount of semolina and store that in an airtight container to quickly prepare "Upma" for breakfast during weekdays. Roasted semolina has more shelf life than raw semolina and also roasting will prevent worm or insects growing in semolina.

Everybody loves smoothies/juices. But most people pay more for their favorite smoothie and buy it from juice bars. I always prefer home made smoothies. They are cheaper, healthier, more hygienic and very easy to make according to our preferences. Today I thought to share a carrot & Orange smoothie recipe with you all. This is one of the most favorite smoothies of my husband :). You do not need to have any special equipment to prepare this. You can use a normal blender/grinder to make this delicious smoothie to chill you during hot summer.